Enerpro Pre-Calver Blend is a palatable, high energy feed designed to be fed as a supplement in ad-lib feeding environments in trough or paddock feeding systems.

The combination of PKE, Molasses and DDGS is alternative source of protein, energy and digestible fibre. This blend is ideal for increased rumen function, driving higher dry matter intake and minimise weight loss towards the end of gestation.

Enerpro highly recommended to add our Vitapro mineral mix of calcium, magnesium, salt, trace vitamins and minerals to reduce the risk of metabolic issues.


Product Ingredients

PKE, Molasses and DDGS


Storage and Feeding recommendations – As always, when introducing a new feed, start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 3-5kg per cow, per day.