Enerpro Calf Rearing Feeds

Calf Rearing Feeds

Enerpro Calf Meals have been developed to provide a quality meal that is highly palatable with high digestibility prompting early rumen development.


Both Enerpro 20 and Enerpro 16 are suitable for ad-lib feeding to calves from 4 days of age through to after weaning feeding up to 3kg per calf per day.


Enerpro calf meal is a complete feed containing coccidiostat that is ideal for any calf rearing system. Ensure calves always have access to clean water, fresh hay and ensure calves are consuming a calf meal containing coccidiostat at least 2-3 weeks prior to weaning as coccidiosis is most likely to occur within 8 weeks post weaning.

Enerpro 20


Calf Feed Analysis
Protein 20% min
Energy 12.7MJ/KgDM

Enerpro 20 (20% protein) is a balanced of energy, protein and starch to support calves rapidly growing dietary requirements from four days of age.


Enerpro 16


Calf Feed Analysis
Protein 16% min
Energy 12.3MJ/KgDM

Enerpro 16 (16% protein) is a balance of energy protein and starch to maintain the continuous growth of calves towards weaning. Calves weaned onto high protein spring pasture require less protein in a concentrated feed than younger calves. Using Enerpro 16 in conjunction with pasture will aid in supporting calf’s growth and development during the crucial post-weaning phase.



Wheat, Barley, Soyameal, Canola Meal, Corn DGGS, Soyabean Hulls, Kibbled Maize, Lime Flour, Salt, Molasses, Canola Oil, Vitamins and Minerals, Bovatec


No PKE is included in either Enerpro 20 or Enerpro 16. Both calf supplements contain essential Vitamins & Mineral along with Bovatec to help control Coccidiosis


*Analysis can vary depending on ingredients used.