Dairy Feed and Calf Feed from the heart of the South Island

Enerpro Feeds Ltd has grown to become one of the South Islands foremost suppliers of commodity products, customised dairy blends and calf meal direct to the dairy farming industry.

We can custom blend our feeds to suit individual feeding requirements and deliver consistent and reliable nutrition to maintain and improve animal production throughout the season.

Why Choose Enerpro?

  • Outstanding Service

    At Enerpro we embrace compassionateefficient service which is the cornerstone of our private, non corporate business. We also offer flexible contracts. We deliver performance, service and innovative opportunities for suppliers and customers.

  • Calf Meal

    Our calf meal is highly palatable, nutritious, well balanced, with high digestibility prompting early rumen development. Made fresh to order, with top qualityingredients.

  • Customised Blends

    We understand the many challenges faced by dairy farmers and can customise feed blends to assist in managing those challenges.

  • Manufacturing Facility

    Raw materials come into our Ashburton facilityand are available as straight commodities or blended into nutritious feed individual to ourfarmers requirements. We pride ourselves on providing fresh nutritious products.

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