Adjusting Calf Feeding as the Weather Grows Colder

Adjusting Calf Feeding as the Weather Grows Colder

During winter it is absolutely necessary to give calves a helping hand to adapt and deal with the colder temperatures they have to endure for the colder months in New Zealand, especially here in the South Island.

By choosing not to adjust and supplement their feeding programs you run the risk of your calves immunity waning and not growing into their full genetic potential.

We all want better preforming calves because better performing calves leads to healthier more productive herd which in turn creates a more profitable farm.

At Enerpro we have created two Calf feeds to not only suit your budget but also to give your calves the best nutritional start to their lives.

We have Enerpro 20 and Enerpro 16

Enerpro 20 is designed for new born calves. It is high energy and high in protein. The feedback we have had from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The new borns love it.

Enerpro 16 is designed for continuous growth of calves that are nearing weaning. Enerpro 16 helps make that transition from milk to pasture seamless and more pleasant for your weaner calves.

Healthy calves are essential for future proofing your herd and keeping stock rotation balanced, productive and profitable.

If you would like to learn more feel free to give our territory sales rep Angus Woodhead a call or email.
He is a wealth of information and can help you with any enquires you may have.
021 895 506

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