Enerpro Canola Meal


Canola Meal is a by-product from the extraction of grinding canola seeds. The free-flowing protein rich feed is recommended to be supplemented into ruminant diets when undegradable protein and energy levels subside.


Canola meals high levels of undegraded protein promote the absorption of amino acids in the intestinal tract elevating milk production. The energy in Canola Meal is in the form of sugars which are highly rumen digestible stimulating rumen microbial function and activity.


Enerpro suggests Canola Meal can be fed either directly to livestock or included as blend.

Product Ingredients


Typical Analysis
M.E 12.5
Protein 38%
NDF 27%

Storage & Feeding Recommendations


As always, when introducing a new feed, start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 4kg per cow, per day.


Soya Hull pellets are suitable to be fed to lactating cows.


Soya Hull pellets can be fed on the feed pad, in paddocks via trailer/trough or through in-shed feeding systems.


Like all feedstuffs, Soya Hull pellets should be stored in a dry area free from vermin.