Enerpro Soyabean Hull Pellets


Soyabean Hulls are the outer husk of the soyabean and the hull is removed when the bean is processed into Soyameal.The hull is then pelletised to facilitate ease of handling.


Soyabean Hull pellets contain high levels of digestible fibre and are a good energy source.


The product can be fed directly as a supplement or incorporated into a mixed blend enabling rapid fermentation in the rumen.

Product Ingredients


Typical Analysis
M.E 12
Protein 12%min
NDF 55%

Storage & Feeding Recommendations


As always, when introducing a new feed, start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 4kg per cow, per day.


Soyabean Hull pellets are suitable to be fed to lactating cows.


Soyabean Hull pellets can be fed on the feed pad, in paddocks via trailer/trough or through in-shed feeding systems.


Like all feedstuffs, Soyabean Hull pellets should be stored in a dry area free from vermin.