Enerpro PKE/DDG

Special Blends

Enerpro PKE/DDG is a highly palatable feed designed to give PKE an extra “Boost” of protein and energy.


This product is designed to be fed in ad-lib feeding systems in trough or paddock feeding systems.


Vitapro Vitamin and Mineral Mix of calcium, magnesium, salt, trace vitamins and minerals can be included in this blend.

Product Ingredients

PKE, DDGS and Corn Gluten Feed

*A full range of macro, micro, vitamins and minerals can be added to customise your blend and suit your feeding requirements.


Typical Analysis
M.E 12.4
Protein 18%

Storage & Feeding Recommendations


As always when introducing a new feed start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 3-5kg per cow, per day.