Enerpro Ultimate Blend (No PKE)

Special Blends

Enerpro Ultimate Blend offers high volumes of protein to stimulate rumen microbial activity, growth of the animal and aid in increasing milk protein.


Enerpro Ultimate Blend fed with readily available carbohydrate feeds reduce the volume of Nitrogen excreted as energy. Lack of rumen fermentable carbohydrates are associated with increased milk urea and reduced fertility.


Vitapro Vitamin and Mineral Mix of calcium, magnesium, salt, trace vitamins and minerals can be included in this blend.

Product Ingredients

Soyameal, rolled wheat, DDGS


Typical Analysis
M.E 13.8
Protein 30%

Storage & Feeding Recommendations


As always when introducing a new feed start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 3-5kg per cow, per day.


Enerpro Ultimate Blend is suitable to be fed to lactating cows.


Enerpro Ultimate Blend should be stored in a dry area free from vermin and is suitable to be stored in a silo.


*Analysis can vary depending on ingredients used.