Enerpro Dried Distillers Grain (DDGS)


Dried Distillers Grain (DDGS) is the main by-product of the distillation of ethanol from corn. This is a highly palatable, sweet smelling ingredient that offers a high-level energy, by-pass protein and digestible fiber. A recommended feed alternative to more expensive protein sources found in ruminant diets and can greatly assist with increasing dry matter intake.


DDGS is an ingredient that can be incorporated into most feeding systems. DGGS can be fed either directly to livestock or included as blend.

Product Ingredients


Typical Analysis
M.E 13.5
Protein 28%

Storage & Feeding Recommendations


As always when introducing a new feed start slowly at 0.5-1Kg per cow, per day and increase at a steady rate to maximum 4-5kg per cow, per day.


Enerpro DDGS is suitable to be fed to lactating cows.


Enerpro DDGS should be stored in a dry area free from vermin and is suitable to be stored in some silo storage systems.